Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Job!

So I got a new job!

I am not a PT Library Assistant III in my holy grail of libraries.

If you are trying to remember which interview this one was from, it was the last one I post (remember with the really difficult reference questions?)

Anyways, here is how it went down. I got home from the interview....blogged...and took a nap. Well I received a phone call about an hour or so after I got home. I recognized the number as from the library. I thought "I must have left something".

They were calling to let me know that they realized that I was the only applicant that they wanted to hire. They weren't even going to bother with second round interviews ********EEEEEEEKKKKKKK*********

So why are you only hearing about this now? Because it was a conditional hire...meaning I had to pass a drug test (which they sent me to immediately), then a physical (which I took a week later and consisted of the doctor telling me I was alive)....then they had to wait on the results. This all took about two weeks. When the department head called to offer me the job, she asked that I wait another day or two before announcing it so they could inform the other applicants. Then I had to wait another two days because my current boss was out of town and I wanted to give her my notice before anything. I thought for a split second about working both jobs because they are part time, but scheduling was going to be a big problem. I decided to keep my job as a hostess at a local restaurant til a FT opens up in my holy grail of libraries.

Once I was finally able to tell people, I got lots of questions, which I am going to answer now.

Why leave one part-time job for another?
The library I was currently working in had no foreseeable full time positions. Zero. Also, this new library is my holy grail people! I cannot explain how much I have wanted to work here. Why? They only hire within, so starting out as a Library Assistant III is the perfect way to move up. They pay more than most. It is .5 miles from my apt so I'll be walking. And its just an overall awesome library.

What do I know about nonfiction and reference?
Not a clue. I am still shocked that they hired me because my main experience is in Children's but I plan to dive right in!

Am I still going to apply for other FT positions at different libraries?
Probably not. I am exactly where I want to be in 20 years. Ok, not PT, but I am at the library I want to be it. If I apply for any other library gigs it is because I want to gain more interview experience.

I have already started there as of this past Friday. I will update more because I had an interesting first day (think tornadoes) but now I'm slightly tired.

Before I go, I wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped. Whether it was making my apply, advising me, references, encouragement, or just listening to me ramble. I appreciate your support and you!


Lauren said...

I knew getting a job there was a big deal, but I didn't realize just how big this was for you (and how awesome it is that they thought YOU were so awesome) - so congrats x a million!

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