Monday, May 13, 2013

Who has time for that? Not me.

Part of my job as Reference Librarian is to scan documents for people with my simple desk scanner. It doesn't happen often. Maybe once or twice a week, so I really don't mind.

Soon after I started a woman called asking if I would scan a 22 page document for her. I promptly said no because that would take  me FOREVER. She was not happy, but this taught me a valuable set a page limit. My staff knows I won't scan more that 5 pages, but I will do up to 7 if the person is nice.

The other day, I get a call from a woman and this is how the conversation went....

Patron: Hi, do you have a scan and could possibly scan something for me?

Me: Sure.

Patron: REALLY? (she was super happy which set off tons of alarms for me) Great!

Me: Wait! How many pages to you have (I have learned to usually ask this first but I forgot)

Patron: Just 67.

She wasn't too happy when I said no and directed her to Kinkos.

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