Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things people use for bookmarks....

Yes those are the rubber bands for braces..... strange bookmarks
Really? Welfare grind?

Perk of working in circulation... New movie day! Override hold list? Yes please :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster

Who doesn’t love staying up till 4 AM watching your favorite reality show? Or maybe your guilty vice is shifting through your neighbors’ trash looking for details on their sordid life. Not your cup of tea? What about froot loops for dinner?

   No one wants to grow up, but we all have to. Even Jen Lancaster. The hilarious writer and blogger came to the conclusion that it was finally time to face facts and realize what she had become: an adult. In her new memoir, Jeneration X; One Reluctant Adult's Attempt to Unarrest Her Arrested Development; Or, Why It's Never Too Late for Her Dumb Ass to Learn Why Froot Loops Are Not for Dinner, Lancaster embraces adulthood and tackles tough life lessons no one wants to learn. Each chapter will have you laughing your ass off, especially when you realizes you have been guilty of the same situations (well, maybe not digging through your neighbors’ trash.)

  If you haven’t ever read anything by Jen Lancaster you might want to start out with her first memoir, Bitter is the New Black: Confessions of a Condescending, Egomanical ,Self-Centered, Smartass, or Why You Should Never Carry a Prada Bag to the Unemployment Office. In Bitter is the New Black, Lancaster sets the stage for how she thought her life was going to be and how it turned out after being laid off from her high paying corporate job.  A fellow librarian friend recommended this book to me years ago and I have loved Lancaster's sense of humor and style unconditionally ever sense. If the first page doesn't have you laughing out loud then you have no sense of humor.

Her attitude is hilarious and it is fun to connect with such a fellow smartass. . You can also check out her blog where she sometimes posts chapters from her upcoming books, giveaways, and any other comical situations involving her husband or three misfit rescue dogs that will crack you up.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dont forget to rewind your Dvds please.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Life in the Circulation Department


Credit to my coworker M.H. for the rage image. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Trade ya!

A patron returned a bunch of DVDs at the Circ desk and while I was checking them in I noticed she forgot to include the disc for The Assassination of Jesse James movie. I flagged her down and showed her the empty case. I told her should could take the empty case with her and return it when she found the disc. Instead she starts searching in this massive purse on her shoulder. She ends up pulling out a disc (no case) for the movie Blades of Glory.

Patron: How about I give you this one instead?

Me: um, that isn't the correct movie, ma'am.

Patron: Oh I know but I don't know if I still have the other one, so why don't you just take this one instead.

Me: I am sorry ma'am but that really isn't how our policy works.

She starts looking over the Blades of Glory disc like she is confused.
Patron: But it is a good movie.

Me: I am sure that it is, but our policy is to bill for lost items.

Patron: Fine, I will bring you a better movie instead.

Me: Unfortunately we cannot accept alternative movies. We have to bill you for the one you lost.

Patron: But it wasn't that great of a movie...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Another great shot... #nomnomnom

Hmmm I wonder if i drop this in the outdoor book drop maybe no one will notice...

Oh fridays...
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