Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hello Libraryland Friends,
 Most of you have probably already heard about Google+. I had seen a few little tidbits about it, mostly facebook status saying "Oooooh love Google+." or "Not getting Google+". When I got to work on Tuesday, one of the other librarians was explaining it to some of us. She described it as Skype meets FB. My thoughts? "I don't need another social network to become addicted too." So I decided no Google+ for me.....until I got home and there was an invite waiting on me. Then I promptly joined and have been spending the last few days trying to understand conquer Google+. What have I learned? Not a whole lot, but I am still trying. I spend time today actually doing some research on Google+ from those who have been able to put some key points together.

What I like:
  • The Video Chat
  • The different circles
  • you can see how certain people view your profile
  • its not overwhelming
  • Its exclusive
  • Like any new fad, it takes a minute to figure out.
  • Not a lot of people have joined so I haven't seen a lot of new information yet.
I did find a need little slideshow that gives you several highlights of Google+, 10 Google+ Tips

Random fact? over 80% of Google+ users, as of right now, are male....

Also, I have noticed that some websites allow for a +1 feature when wanting to share an article. I have added this feature to this blog. Any thoughts on Google+ ?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Boooo Boards

Well in my last post I announced that I would be going from 19 to 29 hours with the new budget. Turns out the board decided not to increase any positions. Definitely bummed, but I am still thankful that my supervisor likes my work and work ethic.
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