Monday, June 11, 2012

Trade ya!

A patron returned a bunch of DVDs at the Circ desk and while I was checking them in I noticed she forgot to include the disc for The Assassination of Jesse James movie. I flagged her down and showed her the empty case. I told her should could take the empty case with her and return it when she found the disc. Instead she starts searching in this massive purse on her shoulder. She ends up pulling out a disc (no case) for the movie Blades of Glory.

Patron: How about I give you this one instead?

Me: um, that isn't the correct movie, ma'am.

Patron: Oh I know but I don't know if I still have the other one, so why don't you just take this one instead.

Me: I am sorry ma'am but that really isn't how our policy works.

She starts looking over the Blades of Glory disc like she is confused.
Patron: But it is a good movie.

Me: I am sure that it is, but our policy is to bill for lost items.

Patron: Fine, I will bring you a better movie instead.

Me: Unfortunately we cannot accept alternative movies. We have to bill you for the one you lost.

Patron: But it wasn't that great of a movie...


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