Thursday, March 8, 2012

Boring Books....

So I was just lounging around my apartment reading a new book for my library's book group, when my boyfriend sauntered up. He took a look at the title (nonfiction book, fyi) and cover (I will admit, the cover is bad) and stated:

BF: Boring book?

So I took a little offense to this because I am a librarian and I really want BF to read more...

Me: No. It is actually a great story about survival and courage.

BF: What page are you on?

Me: Um.... 20.

BF: Because it's a boring book.

Me: It's a slow read.

BF: Because it's boring book...

Me: Yeah. :(

Sometimes you just have to admit when a book is boring.


Lilian said...

made me smile. =)

you need to put a fake cover on the book!

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