Monday, July 9, 2012

Checked out you say? I don't believe you!

A patron came up to the Circ Desk looking for a particular movie. After a quick search I informed her that our copy was currently checked-out. I placed a hold on another branch's copy and sent her on her way...or so I thought. She kept lingering at the desk and glancing back to the DVDs....

Me: Um... can I help you with something else?

Patron: Are you sure it's not over there?

Me: It is currently checked out, ma'am.

Patron: Oh I know, you said that, but is there any chance it might be over there? *points to DVD area*

Me: No ma'am. It is checked out.

Patron: So no chance it is over there? At all?

Me: No.

Patron: Are you sure? Maybe it is on one of those carts? *points to recently returned movies cart in the lobby*

Me: Ma'am it is not in this building.


Lilian said...

Haha, She must be thinking that you are secretly hoarding the DVDs...

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