Monday, October 15, 2012

The mystery of the stolen charger....

One of my part-time people asked me to come help with a situation with a patron regarding a charger of some form. I didn't know anything about the situation when I approached the patron.

Patron: Hi, the daytime security officer said I could plug my charger into the outlet next to the drink machine, but he said it might get stolen.

Me: Ok, was it stolen?

Patron: No, no one would want it. It cost $5 and it was very tattered.

Me: Ok, so what's going on?

Patron: Well, has anyone turned a charger in recently? Mine is gone.

Me: No, it was probably stolen.

Patron: Well, it was hidden between the coke machine. No one could see it.

Me: But obviously someone found because it isn't there.

Patron: But no one would want that charger.

Me: Obviously someone did. The security officer did warn you that it might be stolen.

Patron: He did, but no one would want that and it was hidden out of sight.

We had this conversation for like 10 more minutes until I handed it over to the security guard, who went on the same merry-go-around for 10 more minutes.


Thomas Duder said...


Doesn't matter what medium, customers will always be customers. Mostly good, but THEN THERE'S THIS GUY~!

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