Monday, April 1, 2013

Just like twilight?

Earlier today I had a woman come up and asked me to put a few books on hold for her. It turned out that these books all belonged to different series and she was getting them all out of order. Luckily, I have a librarian's best friend ready to sort all this out: Goodreads

We were able to figure out which books she needed to read first. While looking at the series, I noticed that they were all paranormal romances with strong female characters. I decided this is the perfect opportunity to share my new found love of Jeaniene Frost, who is the insanely talented author of the Night Huntress series.

This series and Frost's other works have consumed my live since January. I have even started pre-ordering her books. Yup. That is how you know I love an author...spending money on them.

Anyways, I started booktalking the Night Huntress series, especially the first book Halfway to the Grave.

Here is how the story went....

Me: I don't think I can rave enough about Halfway to the Grave. Cat is such a badass (sidenote: I may not have used the term "badass" since I was at work, but you get the idea). She is half human half vampire, but her mission in life is to kill as many vampires as possible.

Patron: (very excited) Ooooh, so it is like Twilight?

Me: (shocked) What? No!

This totally caught me off because I sure don't remember saying anything about a spineless female character who decides to forgo everything she has in life to follow such a pathetic excuse for man/vampire as Edward.

Who knows if she will decide to read it, but after comparing it to Twilight, I don't know if she deserves the awesomeness of Cat/Bones and eventually...Vlad. *swoon*.

Also, for those who do read Jeaniene Frost, can we all just agree that Twice Tempted (Night Prince #2) is just beyond delicious? (sidenote #2, is delicious an okay term for a book?) I left a concert early because I couldn't wait to get home and read my just delivered copy of the second installment in the Vlad/Leila story. Don't judge me....look at this cover!

See? Delicious. 


hemcover said...

I think delicious is a perfectly acceptable term for a book with a beefcake cover...

Elizabeth Barbarick said...

I can understand the frustration you must have felt when asked if it was like Twilight. Even though the description you gave was nothing like Twilight, she must have heard "vampire" and just ran with it. I don't know if I could have held my tongue since I too am obsessed with Jeaniene Frost, and most importantly Bones. You're very right, she doesn't deserve the joys of Frost's books if she could ask such a shocking question. Ugh, Twilight gives all the great vampire novels out there such a bad reputation. So, I feel your frustration!!!

What's your favorite vamp series???

J. Wright said...

Favorite vampire series? Hmmm, either Night Huntress or the Night Prince series by Jeaniene Frost. The Jane Jameson series by Molly Harper is hilarious though! What about you?

Elizabeth Barbarick said...

That's funny. My favorite is all of Jeaniene Frost's and Christopher Moore. Have you read him? He's so great! I'm going to see him in May. I haven't read the Jane Jameson series, but I'm going to trust you and start the series immediately! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll let you know what I think.

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