Monday, December 22, 2014

Review: Gentlemen Prefer Curves by Sugar Jamison

In Sugar Jamison’s new novel, Gentlemen Prefer Curves, thirty year old Belinda Gordon has a lot of things going for her. Great friends and family, an amazing business as co-owner of clothing store that caters to the curvier woman, and hopefully a love life soon. The last thing she needs to show up in her hometown is her husband.

Carter Lancaster moved to Durant to be a better father to his 5 year old daughter, Ruby. Now he is constantly thrown in the path of his lovely wife, who left him 4 years ago after 6 weeks of marriage. True, they only knew each other for a few weeks before hastily getting married, but he cannot forgive her for walking out on their marriage. 

Though they both swear they want a divorce, they soon start remembering why they fell in love in the first place. But will the same reasons that tore them apart the first time prevent this couple from a possible second chance at happiness?

I have been patiently waiting for this book for a few months now. I have never read anything by Sugar Jamison, but I caught the synopsis in one of my order magazines. The synopsis intrigued me, plus it fit perfectly for my smutty book club’s reconciliation theme for the month of November. It is the 3rd book in Jamison’s Perfect Fit series, but you don’t have to read the first two books to read Gentlemen Prefer Curves.

I instantly found Carter and Belinda’s story to be wonderful. Belinda is full of sass and is truly laugh out loud funny. More than the actual romance between Carter and Belinda, I found myself falling in love with Belinda and Ruby’s, Carter’s shy daughter, relationship. As these two characters grow closer you see that they both need each other so much. Though this is a lovely romance story, it is also a love story between Belinda and Ruby. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend that you give Gentlemen Prefer Curves by Sugar Jamison a chance. I’m now about to hunt down the rest of her novels. 


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