Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Guide to the Other Side Blog Stop!

Ghosts are big in my teen department lately! When I saw this book I knew it would be very popular with my tweens and teens that love a little dash of undead in their books!

A boy and his ghostly twin sister work together to pass messages from the beyond in this funny paranormal debut.

There are a few things you should know about Baylor Bosco: He’s thirteen-years-old, he has a twin sister, and he really does NOT like ghosts…which is problematic because he’s a medium and sees ghosts everywhere.

Oh, and his twin sister, Kristina? She’s a ghost too.

They’ve been working as a pair for years, expertly relaying messages from ghosts to their still-living loved ones. Baylor’s even managed to come up with an introductory phrase—one that he has to use far too often.

But when a strange ghost shows up close to Halloween, a grown man, covered in a sheet, with only his black leather shoes showing from the bottom, Baylor starts to wonder if something else has taken notice of him. And when his sister goes missing, somehow ghost-napped, he’s forced to figure out the truth about the Sheet Man and his sister’s disappearance, all without his usual ghostly ambassador.


Robert Imfeld grew up in Orlando, FL, and, like any self-respecting Floridian, evenly split his free time between the beach and Disney World. After graduating from the University of Florida, he put his journalism degree to good use by saving lives at a luxury resort (some call this “lifeguarding”) in Orlando, interning/brewing coffee at a production company in L.A., and managing finances for country songwriters in Nashville. He now lives in New York City, where he works on the Diary of a Wimpy Kid marketing team by day and writes kids' books by night. Follow him on Twitter @robbyimfeld

Guide to the Other Side Excerpt
From 17-18
I woke with a start hours later, but I couldn’t see the clock. It was dark outside, but the light was still on from earlier.
          “Kristina?” I called out.
          No response. I thought that was weird but remembered she was going to talk to her guides. Feeling better about her absence, I reached over to turn the lamp off.
          When the room went dark, a horrible chill passed through every pore of my body. I sat up in bed, shivering, and in the corner of my room, right in front of the window, stood a man with a white sheet draped over his head.
          He seemed very tall, but that could have been because I was in bed. He was perfectly still, almost like a statue, and the edge of the sheet was precisely ruffled like a coiled snake near the floor. Most people would have screamed, but I’ve experienced some weird things in my day.
          But then I noticed the eyes. They were two small holes in the sheet, just big enough for the pupils, and even through the dark all I saw was shiny black pools of menace staring straight at me. I forgot how to use my lungs, and as I gasped for air, it felt like the world was closing in on me. The second I saw those eyes, I knew something was wrong.
          An evil spirit had breached my barrier.
          “Be gone, spirit!” I shouted, but it didn’t move. The eyes gleamed like black sulfur, but it still made no motion. The sheet didn’t sway an inch.

          I reached out for my lamp and clicked it on, and as the light filled the room, the demon vanished. A final chill overtook my body, and I exhaled heavily. I looked down and saw my hands shaking.


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