Monday, November 14, 2011

Problem Shelf

This is my basket for work. What's in it? Problems. Problems that I need to fix. My basket is overflowing.

Basically, if an item is returned damaged or with a missing part then it goes in my basket. From there I look up the patron info. If it is incomplete I call or email them to let them know that a part is missing. I will hold the item for about a month and if the missing part is not returned they are billed.
If an item is damaged, I decide whether or not to bill the patron. See the plastic bag? They got billed...mainly because their item was starting to mildew and smelled absolutely horrid. If I decide to bill them I charge their account the price of the item and send them a letter. The item also stays on my problem shelf for a month.

This is what I do.


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