Friday, September 28, 2012

Girl Who Played With The Dragon Tattoo

Patron: Yes, I want to place a hold on The Girl Who Played with Fire movie.
Me: No problem.

Patron: But I don’t want the foreign film.

Me: I am sorry but the foreign film is the only movie that is available.

Patron: What about the one with Daniel Craig?

Me: Oooh, you must mean The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which was released on DVD earlier this year.

Patron: No, I already saw that. I want the next one.

Me: They haven’t made it yet. The only one available is the foreign film. 

Patron: But I just saw the Daniel Craig one….

Me: Yes, but they haven’t made the 2nd movie yet.

Patron: Why not?

Me: Because the 1st one was just released….Like I said the only one that is available is the foreign film.

Patron: But I don’t want that one.

Me: Well there you go.


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