Thursday, January 1, 2015

Why I haven't been reading lately...

There is a good reason for why I haven't been able to read anything lately….because I got a new job!


On December 1st I returned to the Library that gave me my very first library job (part-time in the Children’s Department) and who also gave me my very first full-time position (Circulation).

I returned for the 3rd (and final time I might add) as their new Teen Librarian. I’ve jokingly stated that I’m just working my way through all their departments.

It was very sad to leave my previous position. I learned a lot about working in a smaller branch and made a lot of connections in the town, but I know this move was right.

Check out some of the sweet notes I received from my patrons when I broke the news that I was leaving:
So why haven’t I read anything? Because I have been too busy (and I love that feeling!). I love to be constantly on the go and creating ideas – I don’t know if my mind has shut off in the last month. I’m excited to make an impact in the teen department, in the library as a whole, and in the community. I’m hoping that once I get my feet steady I can return to reading and my Project Read All the Books.

I hope you have a wonderful 2015. May it be filled with as much excitement and positivity as my upcoming year!


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