Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 So why are there 6 copies of George Orwell's 1984 sitting in my passenger seat?

We have many copies of the required readings for the English classes at my internship. From Julius Caesar to Frankenstein. This list also includes 1984, which is quite popular right. So popular that there are no copies left of the shelf. I mentioned to Mrs. M that I had seen several copies at 2nd & Charles (i.e. heaven). Some of these copes as low as fifty cents. She promptly took out $5 and instructed me to get as many copies as possible for $5.

How awesome is it to go to 2nd & Charles (ie heaven) with someone else's money?  Pretty awesome.

I picked up 2 copies for fifty cents and the other 4 ranged from .75 to .90
She told me it was ok to buy used books cheaply because even if they only lasted another year or two it would still be worth it. She said to pick the best looking copies, meaning no tears or rips. I decided it was ok if there was writing within the books (like notes by previous students) because all the copies that we have already have notes in them from previous years' students.

On a side note, I talked with one of the managers at 2nd & Charles (ie heaven) and they sadly told me they couldn't accept purchase orders (which means we can't buy books from there for the school in large quantities), but that the school could set up a donation account so if anyone wants to donate their store credit to the store they can.

Well, I'm off to bed because I don't want to have a repeat of Monday morning where I woke up 10 mins before I was suppose to be at my internship because my dog decided to sleep on my phone (ie my alarm clock). Mrs. M got a kick out of this! 


C said...

I'm glad to see you're so excited about $5.00!!! Next time I'll give you $ may explode!

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