Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Donation (Noun):Something that is given to a charity, esp. a sum of money.

I was shelving some DVDs when a patron, mid to late 20s, approached me. I had noticed him looking at the video game collection for some time.

Patron: Hi, does the library take video games for donations?

Me: Yes! (we have a great video game collection, but they are constantly checkout.)

Patron: Really? I have a bunch of older games and I know if I tried to sell them that I wouldn't get much money for them.

Me: The library would definitely use the donation and we could give you a tax receipt.

Patron: So, what would y'all do with them?

Me (a little confused by this question): Well, we would add them to the collection for circulation.

Patron: Well I am glad y'all can use them. How much would you give me for them?

Me: Sorry?

Patron: Well, maybe $5 a game? I know that they are older, but they are still in great condition.

Me: I am sorry, sir but we can't buy them from you?

Patron: Well you have to buy them from somebody.

Me: We buy them new from retailers.

Patron: I don't see why you can't buy them from me. You said you would take them.

Me: You said you wanted to donate them. Since it would be a donation, we would take them, because they would be free....as in a donation. 


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