Thursday, November 15, 2012

Forget you, Library!

My library is currently doing a fundraiser involving local college football teams (football is BIG here). Patrons can donate money in honor of the favorite team with each dollar counting as one vote. Whichever team has the most votes gets big bragging rights and the staff can where that teams colors for a week. It is something simple and fun.

To promote this fundraiser, we have a ballot box and big poster sign at the Circulation desk. Most of the circ staff has been telling patrons about the friendly competition and it is going over well. I did hear this delightful conversation though.....

Librarian(trying to explain how the competition works): Well, every dollar equals one vote. All the money is used to benefit the library.

Patron (large woman, mid 30s - very annoyed and loud): Forget the library. I'm broke!!


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