Saturday, August 31, 2013

Look what I'm reading...aloud

The Summer of Smut had ended, folks  Time to get back to reading some good ole educational material. I actually ordered this title recently with state aid funds. I've always been fascinated with English history, especially anything related to the monarchs. FYI, though it is titled A Short History of England, it is far from brief. 

If you noticed the title of this post is "Look what I'm reading...aloud" Yup, I am reading this book aloud. Why? Well I didn't start the book this way. I read the first few chapters silently, but I have a tendency of getting distracted. Nonfiction can do that do me, especially if it is very dry. 

I really wanted to absorb this book, so I decided to try the old school way.... old school as in my mom reading aloud to me as a kid. Though it is going to take me longer to finish this book, I found that I was retaining more of what I was reading by actually saying the words...and I think the dog learned something as well. 


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