Monday, September 2, 2013

TV Time

I thought I would break away from books (oh the horror!) just for a minute and update you on some TV shows I have been consumed by. I am not a big fan of TV…I’ll take my books any day! But BF watches a lot of TV and sometimes I get drawn in. BF also hooked up Netflix in the new house through his PS3 in the man cave room and through my blu-ray player in the den. I’m an old school Netflix girl (before streaming) so this is all new and shiny to me.

Here are some shows that I have really enjoyed lately (both on TV and Netflix). Chime in if you have seen any or have any recommendations for me.

The West Wing (all seasons available on Netflix)
            I know I am way behind on this but it is a recent discovery for me. I watch this and I feel guilty for not being more informed in today’s political chaos. I also have noticed that some of the issues they discussed in 1999 are still relevant and hot today.

Burgers (Fox and Netflix)
            I thought I would hate this show. BF had it turned on while I was reading and the next thing I knew it was 4 episodes later. Completely ridiculous and impossible not to watch. That Louise is so evil…I just love her!

House of Cards (Netflix)
            I am not a Kevin Spacey fan. He was always too sinister for my taste, but I had heard a good bit of buzz surrounding this especially since it received 9 Emmy nominations and it is solely a Internet show. This political drama is devious and hard not to watch. Props to Robin Wright for her portrayal of Frank Underwood’s cold and calculating wife, Claire. I thought she did an amazing job with her character and I was fascinated by Claire’s relationship with Frank (Kevin Spacey’s character)

Ray Donovan (Showtime)
          My mother insisted that we watch this show because she does not have Showtime anymore and she wanted someone to watch it. BF hasn’t started it yet but I find myself drawn to this mystery drama. Ray Donovan is played by the gorgeous Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight stars as his father who was just released from prison…supposedly after Ray set him up to take a murder fall. The show focuses on the mystery surrounding why Ray setup his father, Ray’s work as a professional “fixer” and his family. The show does take its time bringing all the storylines together so be patient with it. While you wait for everything to come together, stare at Live Schrieber and you will forget the wait.

X Factor (Fox)
         I don't as a rule watch too many reality shows. I have a big issue with them playing up people being mean and getting embarrassed. This is a big soapbox of mine, but that is another post. But last Fall I decided to watch the new season of X Factor because Britney Spears was joining as one of the judges. I'm not ashamed of the fact that I am a Britney Spears fan....I've even seen her in concert. Ain't no shame.
        Anyways, I really started enjoying the X Factor because they didn't embarrass the contestants or focus on the terrible auditions. They focused on the talent and I thought this was refreshing, especially since it seems to me that all American Idol does is make a mockery out of anyone who auditions

Banshee (Cinemax)
            BF actually got me hooked on the Cinemax drama that focuses on a recently released con who assumes the identity of a local police chief after he is murdered. Alan Ball (of True Blood) is one of the producers so expect some gore. Sidenote: Pay attention to the evolving introduction

Mystery Diners (Food Network)
            I worked in a restaurant for 6 years so I can attest to the amount of sneakry (I’m pretty sure I just made up this work) that goes on in a restaurant. Mystery Diners is an undercover operative show that helps restaurant owners figure out who is backstabbing them in their business. Watching restaurant shows reminds me of the life I led for 6 years. Working in a restaurant is something that no one can relate to unless they have working in a restaurant.

Scandal (ABC)
          Oh. My. God….I love this show. Do not call or text me while Scandal is on. I am a big fan of the early Grey’s Anatomy and this reminds me so much of that wonderful writing (hello Shonda Rhimes!) but only as a political drama. (Sidenote: what is up with me and all these political dramas?) Let’s just say the chemistry between Olivia Pope and President Grant is undeniable! Also, I love seeing Jeff Perry in anything (I have followed him since Nash Bridges)

The Good Wife (CBS)
            I have always loved Julianna Marguiles (Any ER fans?) and when I saw this show I knew I would love it! I have always been drawn to strong women characters that are stoic, but come off cold. There is also a great supporting cast with Alan Cumming, Archie Panjabi, Christine Baranski, Chris Noth, and Matthew Czuchry. It starts its 5th season this Fall, but it won’t take you long to catch up with this legal drama.

Modern Family (ABC)
     Seriously, who doesn’t love this show?

Sherlock (BBC)
            Mr. Cumberbatch you are a delightful Sherlock Holmes. (Sidenote: Why don’t more parents name their kids Sherlock?) I like to think of each episode as a movie because even though there are only 3 episodes per season, each is an hour and a half. Great series that I cannot recommend enough to people.

Game of Thrones (HBO)
            Winter is coming. Gosh, I love this show, but remember…no one is safe (i.e. Red Wedding). Also, don’t be one of those people who watches the show but hasn’t read the book…then takes to FB to express your surprise when people die unexpectedly (i.e. Red Wedding) 

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
            I am a late joiner to Grey’s. My Dad watched it religiously until the 4th or 5th season when he said it turned Soap Operay, which I agree with. Between seasons 4 to 7, it became ridiculous. I still love the show but I do not like how they have transformed the characters, like Callie, who was so strong in the beginning but is silly and overdramatic now. But I keep watching…Oh, Owen Hunt.

Downton Abbey (PBS)
            Season 3 was not my favorite, but I still love this period piece.

Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
            I will admit that I have a strange crush on Steve Buscemi. I cannot explain it and I will not justify it to you. That being said, from the very first episode I knew I was going to be hooked on Boardwalk Empire the HBO period piece that follows prohibitionist mobster Nucky Thompson.

Nashville (ABC)
     I love country music and since I live in the South, I knew I wanted to watch Nashville when it premiered last Fall. It definitely didn't disappoint. Went to the Grand Ole Opry in August and they had several of the cast members preforming, which was a great treat.

Restaurant Impossible (Food Network)
            I was a fan of Dinner Impossible back in its heyday, but I truly enjoy Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Impossible more. Irvine goes into failing restaurants and shows the owners and managers what they need to do to get back in the black. He also take $10,000 to modernizing the restaurant with a new d├ęcor. It is a fascinating show to watch, especially after working in a restaurant for 6 years.

Absolute Favorite Show? (even after 14 ½ years?)
General Hospital
            I can never get enough of the Q’s, the Cassadine’s, the Spencer’s, or any of the other crazy characters on GH. I left for a while, but I am back with a passion now!

For a person who says they don’t watch much TV, I sure did list a bunch of shows. I did leave off some that I still watch regularly (I’m talking about you, True Blood. You and all your completely ludicrous storylines.). I have also discovered some new shows that I am still working through (Orange is the New Black, Netflix and Luther, BBC). Maybe you saw a show you want to try. Any recommendations for me? 


Evan Williamson said...

Great list! Also check out Six Feet Under and the Wire, two great HBO shows.

Allison Scanlan said...

I also have a weird crush on Steve Buscemi! Alas, I haven't watched any of Boardwalk Empire, but I want to watch it!

J. Wright said...

Allison, I'm glad I'm not the only person with a weird crush on Buscemi! :)

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