Friday, September 13, 2013

Call numbers? I can do that....

At my library we have a patron who is the volunteer librarian at her church library. I have met her a few times when she has asked for suggestions about how to promote her library. When I saw her coming up to me the other day I was not prepared for the conversation that followed....

Patron: Hi, well you know that I am the librarian at my church

*Sidenote*: I did notice how she left out volunteer

Me: Yes

Patron: Well I just wanted to let you know that this book here (I noticed that she has one of our older nonfiction Christian books in her hand), well, you have it classified as 248.86. I classified it as 248.88, so you might want to change your call number.

You. could. have. knocked. me. over.

It took everything I had not to laugh right in her face.

I explained that sometimes books can fall in several different areas but the conversation was pretty awkward after the whole "you might want to change the call number" comment. I just could not believe the audacity.

Are you wondering if the book was in the right section? The original call number of 248.86 was the area that best suited this title.

Oh patrons....


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