Thursday, June 12, 2014

Movie Review: Don Jon

Instead of making a dent in the tons of ARCs and TBR books I have piling up, I decided to watch a few more movies. I finally got around to watching 12 Years a Slave. Heartbreaking, yes. Something to write home about? Eh, not really. All the actors did wonderful jobs, especially Lupita Nyong'o, but I thought the scenes were too rushed.

Since I rarely watch movies, it is a pretty big deal if I get to two a month…much less two in one day. After 12 Years a Slave, I turned on Netflix, hoping to catch an episode or two of some 30 minute comedy before I went to bed. On an impulse did I select the movie, Don Jon, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who also wrote and directed the film.

I originally saw the trailer when I was going through my “Joseph Gordon-Levitt” phase, which preceded my current “Tom Hiddleston” phase. I thought the movie looked pretty decent and I made a mental note to eventually watch it. I thought maybe I would watch about 30 minutes before I went to bed. I ended up watching the whole movie in one sitting! I don’t know if it was the Jersey accents or just Joseph’s pretty face but there was no way I was turning off this movie.

Let me back up and give you a little backstory. Jon is a player – his life is full of one night stands. He has no desire to settle down because he could never find a girl that meets his expectations – in the bedroom. Jon is addicted to porn – he would never admit it though. Porn has given him these larger than life expectations about sex. Enter Scarlett Johansson’s character of Barbara. Jon instantly falls for the New Jersey beauty but there is a slight problem – she will not tolerate porn. Now Jon must decide what is more important his beautiful girlfriend or porn.

I was also surprised to find that Julianne Moore starred in the film. She always seems to pop up where I least expect her. She plays a returning college student who befriends Jon in their night class, which Barbara has encouraged him to enroll him. She gave a stirring performance as did all the other actors. I’m enthralled by New Jersey accents (though I can proudly say that I have never seen an episode of Jersey Shore!) so I was in hog heaven with Don Jon.

If you have the time, I would give Don Jon a chance. Joseph Gordon-Levitt creates a believable and pretty loveable character. The supporting actors give stellar performances, including Tony Danza, who plays Jon’s father.


Ann said...

I also really liked Don Jon! Plus, I'm still in a Joseph Gordon-Levitt phase <3

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