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The Wasteland by Emily Sims

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Displaying The Wasteland.JPGIn another world, one far removed in time and space altogether, a timeless journey awaits. The path is steep, the road is long, and it encompasses a wild evil. Here, in a place entirely different from our own, we discover the lost remains of a once vast empire and a love story long forgotten.

In The Wasteland, set against a barren landscape, we find a terrified woman named Lylah. She races along the overgrown highways of a war-torn country, pursued by a deadly enemy. Try as she might, Lylah remembers nothing about her past or who she is. Without quite meaning to, she stumbles upon a sinister forest and a small tribe of people. They have dark skin and hair. They speak in thick accents. Nothing about them is familiar, but at least they’re safe.

As she struggles to unlock the keys to her past, Lylah falls deeply in love with this primitive way of life…a way of life she’s never known before. The tribe’s leader is a fearless man they call “Matteo.” He is formidable and abrasive, but Lylah is inexplicably drawn to him.

In spite of uncertainty, one thing remains: an evil force governs this rugged land. The Opposition uses its power to oppress the tribes-people and they are quickly closing in on Lylah. Will she summon the courage to face her past in time? Somehow, Lylah’s memories hold secrets that could destroy the Opposition and break its tyrannical power.

In this beautifully written young adult novel you are introduced to Lylah, who has no memory of who she is and the world that she is living in. Sims does a wonderful job of creating a world that has conflict and passion. You can't help but root for Lylah. I thought Sims has an elegant style of writing...almost poetic. The Wasteland is very much worth your time! 



Emily is a mother, writer, photographer, and home-schooler. She loves family, thrift shopping, chai lattes, good books, nature, and learning new things. She strives to find beauty and divinity in imperfect things…she searches for God in the earthy and the grit and the ordinary and the joyful stuff of life.

She lives in Texas with her husband and five children.



His hair glittered silver just like his ice blue eyes. They shone like
magic in the campfire’s light. His voice was deep and full of the
mysteries of a past life. He weaved ancient stories together with
the ease of someone who’d been crafting them his whole life long.
He was one who noticed me. His piercing eyes ran straight
through my soul and he would chuckle as if he was amused with
what he’d found there. I’d never known why he loved me so much,
I was just grateful that he did.

For someone such as me, the child who lived in my sister’s
shadow, attention from such a powerful man was intoxicating.
It would’ve been easy for me to worship my grandfather (who
I affectionately labeled “Great-dad”), but for the fact that he was
so completely enamored with the Mighty. He simply breathed
out his adoration for our Creator, so much so that I was swept
up in a fascination for the Mighty as well. To Great-dad, his
relationship with the Mighty was synonymous with life itself.
On nights when I was utterly alone, I would whisper words
into the sky and feel a clear response to my soul. It was during
these formative moments that I fell in love with the Mighty too,
just as my grandfather had.

“These trees used to be so alive, Delylah.” Great-dad motioned
to the canopy above our heads. “Just like every other living thing
on earth. They breathed in and out just like we do. I still miss
them. I still find myself wishing they would wake up.”
He sighed and his eyes glittered.

“Tell me again about what happened, Great-dad. I want to
know why the trees fell asleep.” I scooted up under his powerful
right arm. There was nothing in all the world that could’ve hurt
me then.”  (page 21, The Wasteland)


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