Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trending Book Titles: Lost Animals

This is a spotlight on certain nonfiction titles that have been trending very well in my library. 

Lost Animals: Extinction and the Photographic Record by Errol Fuller

A few months ago I noticed that majority of my titles on endangered animals were over 20 years old. I ordered a few recent one include Lost Animals. Most times with new books I will put them on display, but if the topic is too educational I immediately shelved. On impulse I decided to display Lost Animals. I'm excited to say that this title has become extremely popular!

I have only had it for 3 months, but it has checked out 10 times already. One patron even told me how much she enjoyed the book and was glad the library purchased it for our collection. 


Anna Richland said...

That's a really scary cover - makes me think of a bad were wolf pack -- like Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn. (Great book, by the way). I'll look for this in our library, because my daughter is in an animal drawing phase, and she's doing a lot of copying photos - and it looks like it's way more interesting to me than the usual animal books!

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