Sunday, January 9, 2011


So I started this particular blog to help me keep up with my new internship at a High School Media Center, along with my regular jobs. I figured I would post anything interesting or particularly helpful that anyone might benefit from or just find useful.

My first day at the internship was Friday. I originally meant to post this then,right when everything was fresh, but I had to go to my other job and then I worked all yesterday. But alas, here it is now!

The reasoning behind me choosing a school media internship is pretty simple. I wanted to garner as much experience as possible. I already have experience in a Public Library (Children's), so I didn't need an internship there. I thought School Media would be the best setting to try out. I am not doing a School Media Internship, but an internship in a school media setting. Difference? School Media Internships require 300 hours split between a high school and elementary setting. Guess who doesn't have 300 hours? This girl! So I opted for the traditional internship of 150 hours a semester. Since I am not on the School Media track, I will not have my certification, but I'll deal with that later....

On Friday I spent the day getting use to things and seeing how it all worked. My high school was not a traditional one at all (It was an Art School), so I am a little out of my element here. The idea of detention and hall passes are kinda throwing me for a loop.

In my internship there are two Librarians and an Assistant. One of the librarians retired during the middle of the school year so there is a long term sub, Mrs. D, who is very lovely! Since she is also a little new, she was very helpful in explaining the ropes to me.

The main librarian, Mrs. M, has been so helpful and I have only been there one day. She is very open and wants me to learn as much as possible! I have had internships in the past where I do absolutely nothing. So I am beyond excited about this one! She has even given me a long term assignment! A Book Order!!! For a school that has had a book budget of $0 for the last two years, Mrs. M has given me some of the grant money that she was awarded this year to allow me to make my contribution to the collection! I am beyond excited about this and I am thinking very seriously about what areas to develop!

I will post more later about everything! :)


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