Monday, January 24, 2011

Used Books

So I was talking with Ms. M, who is head of the school media center I intern at, when I mentioned that I sent a fellow graduate some books for his school media center (Hi Benji!). I told her that I go these books from my library's Friends Bookstore and they were in great condition. She told me the next time I was down there to grab some books for the school! I thought this was a great resource for anyone who is working with a budget (or in our case, no budget). Think about it, these books are already wrapped and pretty much stellar condition, so why not pay .25 cents for a book that normally would cost $15 to $20?

I was browsing the collection today when I found some materials that had been discarded from another local public library. There was nothing wrong with these books. This library might have had multiple copies or this particular book wasn't circulating within this community.

I thought it was pretty awesome that they are so open to receiving materials, even if it is used. The main point is to get the material in the kids hands! Can't wait to bring her and the kids some new books.


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