Wednesday, March 2, 2011

National Read Across America Results....

Today is Dr. Seuss' Birthday. Happy Birthday Dude!

Today, I went to a local elementary school, loaded down with picture books, ready to spread the joy of reading!

I was given 15 minutes to read to each class. I was first sent to a 1st class then to some 2nd graders.

    For both classes I decided to read the only Dr. Seuss book I brought, The Lorax. Lemme tell you about The Lorax.... it's long and full of made up words (like most Dr. Seuss' books.) Reminder: This was my first time reading a Dr. Seuss book aloud and my 2nd time reading The Lorax.

The Lorax went over very well. They were all famaliar with Green Eggs and Ham (They had it for breakfast...the green eggs were bad, but the ham was good or at least that's what I was told) and Cat in the Hat so it was nice to read them something different.

In the 1st grade class, I had time for one more book so I chose, Mary Had A Little Lamp by Jack Lechner. This is a adorable picture book based off of 'Mary Had A Little Lamb'.

In the 2nd grade class, I read The Lorax (the 2nd time went quicker than the first which is good). Then I decided to let them pick the next book and they chose.....Mary Had A Little Lamp.

Since The Lorax went quicker than expected I was able to read a 3rd book...and they chose.... Katie Loves The Kittens (It was a close call between Katie and Princess Hyacinth)

Overall it was an awesome experience that I was proud to be a part of. I was videotaped and if I can find a link to it  (they said it might be up in a week or so) I'll definitely post it.

Things I learned...
1. Water - When reading Dr. Seuss, please have water on hand.
2. Don't let them only causes chaos.
3. Make sure to move the book around so everyone can see the pictures.


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