Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Alright, so at my internship they have a recommendation list of the student's favorite books submitted by the students. Normally this list is compiled by students submitting their recommendations while at the library. This year they decided to take the list to the students. There are 21 English teachers, each one with roughly 80 to 100 students. We sent recommendation slips to all the English teachers. Keep in mind that there are 1800 students at this high school. That is A LOT of recommendation slips. Each slip has space for two recommendations of their favorite books.
For some reason, I thought all the recommendations would be the same. I never anticipated such a larger response. Now there were some students who wrote some fluff silly answers or got their facts mixed up and here are some of the ones that made me literally laugh out loud:

The Dictionary by Webster
Sex by Madonna
The Scarlet Letter by Harper Lee
The Prince by Mac
The Bible by God
All Books
The Outsiders by Louis Lowrey
Tenth Legion: Tips, Tactics, and Insights on Turkey Hunting by Tom Kelly

So what were the top books? Stay tuned...


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