Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blu-rays, DVDs versus

 I submitted this a while back to I Work at a  Public Library which a wonderful Tumblr blog that will have you rolling on the floor. I forgot to post it here. Oops. Also, if you have any funny library stories, please submit them to I Work at a Public Library.

Blu-rays vs DVDs.....

A patron walked up to the desk carrying about 10 Blu-rays.

Patron: “Excuse me! None of these would play!”

Me [knowing Blu-rays are often confused with DVDs]: “These won’t work in a regular DVD player.”

Patron: “Yes, I know that.”
Me: “Do you have a Blu-ray player?”

Patron: “Yes.”

At this point, I become concerned and start looking them over them for obvious defects.

Me: “I just don’t understand why they won’t play. Especially if you have a Blu-ray player…”

Patron: “Oh I don’t have one of those.”

Me: “—”


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