Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review: Wishes by Jude Deveraux

     Wishes was recommended to me over the summer by a new friend, who reads nothing but romances. She works in processing at BN and trust me, she knows her romances. I had a hard time tracking down a copy, but I was lucky enough to find a tattered edition at a yard sale for only 25 cents. Don't worry about reading the rest of the Montgomery series before Wishes (it is #12), each title can stand alone. 
     Wishes starts off with Berni, who is a vain and fashionable woman and also recently deceased. Berni is from the modern day era and instead of going to Heaven, she is sent to the Kitchen. The Kitchen is reserved for women who don’t deserve Heaven or Hell. Here, Berni is meant to play fairy godmother to Nellie.
     Nellie is from the late 1890s in Colorado. She is sweet, devoted to her father and sister, and also fat. Now enter in the handsome Jace, who instantly falls madly in love with Nellie. This astounds everyone, including Nellie. Jace’s mother is a famous opera singer, so he has always been around voluptuous women. The story surrounds the fact that Nellie’s family treats her no better than a slave and goes to extraordinary lengths to keep Nellie and Jace apart. Berni is suppose to help the couple, but she is a terrible godmother. 
    This is a beautiful love story that will tug at your heart the whole way through. You can't help but root for Nellie and Jace. It was so nice to see a male character that wasn't fooled by vanity and what society considers beautiful. Also, Deveraux did a great job of creating the character of Terel, who is absolutely despicable. 
     If you have the time and can find a copy, you won't be disappointed by Wishes. This book was so good that it has earned a coveted spot in my personal collection. 


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