Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Review: Changing Constantinou's Game by Jennifer Hayward

About a year ago I discovered Jennifer Hayward, a new Harlequin Presents author. I received The Divorce Party via Ney Galley and fell in love! I couldn’t wait to read more by her and we have been keeping in touch as she writes more for Harlequin.  You can also check out the interview I did with her last year.

She graciously sent me a new copy of her 4th book, ChangingConstantinou's Game , 2 months before it was released. It arrived and it was perfect timing because I was laid up in the house with a cold. I tore through Changing Constantinou's Game and immediately found that all the points of why I loved The Divorce Party were in Changing Constantinou's Game.

The story starts out with Izzie, a budding journalist who is determined to track down Alexios Constantinou. Too bad she doesn’t realize the man she is tracking down for a story is the same one who is keeping her from succumbing to her fear of elevators as they are stranded for hours. After their elevator ordeal Alex and Izzie spend one night, without regrets, with each other. But is one night ever enough? What happens when they realizes exactly who each other is?

There are many reasons why I love Hayward’s writing, but the best is probably the amount of emotions and scenes she can pack into Harlequin’s standard 189 pages. I said it from the beginning and I will say it again, Hayward could easily turn her stories into full on novels.

Another bonus for me is the fact that the characters deviate from the typical Harlequin couple. Alex is not a bully – yes, he is a little stubborn and quick to jump to conclusions, but he isn’t the typical alpha dominating male that is so typically seen in HP (Harlequin Presents). Izzie is different because she has a backbone and she knows what she wants. Together these two characters come together and fall beautifully in love. Yes, there are some difficult obstacles, but they overcome them like a true couple would.

Changing Constantinou's Game will be out in September so be sure to get your hands on it before it flies off the shelves! 


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