Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Final Night Huntress Book by @Jeaniene_Frost

Today is the day. The final Night Huntress book, Up from the Grave, is being published and I am going to be a basket case. 

Most of you know of my love for Jeaniene Frost, whether it be Cat & Bones or Vlad....Vlad *swoon*

I know she will keep writing and I will continue to buy multiple copies (seriously, I need to stop this), but the Night Huntress series is probably hands down my favorite paranormal romance series, if not one of my favorite romance series. Cat and Bones are epically wonderful. 

I could rave about the series, Ms. Frost, or Cat and Bones for hours, but you can just travel over to the Saucy Wenches Book Club site and read their thoughts on the series, which happen to be expressed way more eloquently than I ever could. 

Now, I must run off to Books-A-Million and search for an autographed copy of Up from the Grave because my Barnes and Noble copy has not arrived (I really need to learn not to preorder books....they never arrive on the street date and I cannot wait)


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