Monday, January 13, 2014

Restricted Reads...

So you have probably realized that I read some pretty smutty material...and that's okay. I deal with nonfiction all day long, so I balance it out with my trashy reads. Plus in the summer, during SR, I read nothing by romance (my Summer of Smut, if you will). Sometimes with the erotica books, I can get a little embarrassed to have them delivered to my library. I try just to stick to e-books or having a friend check them out at her branch (her branch owns most of them in the county) and just give them to me later. Mainly, I am embarrassed because my branch is small so I don't want to be teased. The fiction librarian knows about my trashy reads and jokingly teases me, which I don't mind, but I would be slightly more embarrassed if my director or the circ. manager saw them. So I don't have them sent to my library. Sometimes I'll send them to my old library (in the adjacent county) and have BF pick them up on the way to work. He just loooooves that. 

Four days a week, we have a van go around to all the libraries and pick up holds and other routed materials. Usually the fiction librarian will unload the boxes after they are dropped off, but sometimes me or the circ. manager will. Today, I was assisted the fiction librarian with the holds. We were casually chatting about various books, when she mentioned one that was a little risque. 

Fiction Librarian: Look at this! It even has a sticker warning that it is restricted to 18 years old and up. It must be pretty hardcore.

(I didn't look up, but I was listening)

Fiction Librarian: Sometimes it just cracks me up what people put on hold! *Scans Barcode of Book*
Hey, this is on hold for you!!! 


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